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Animals & Birds

Animals & Birds

African Wooden Lion

Roar with style and pride with our African Wooden Lion. This intricately carved wooden lion sculpture exudes strength and majesty, capturing the essence of the African savanna. Bring the wild beauty of Africa into your home or office by adding this remarkable piece to your collection today

USD. 39.20
African Wooden Elephant Carving

Embrace the spirit of Africa with our African Wooden Elephant. Hand-carved with meticulous detail, this wooden elephant sculpture embodies the majesty of the animal kingdom. Bring the wilderness into your living space by purchasing this captivating piece of African art today.

USD. 37.80
African Wooden Rhino

Explore the charm of Africa with our African Wooden Rhino. This intricately carved wooden rhinoceros sculpture captures the essence of the wild in a beautifully crafted piece of art. Bring a touch of Africa to your home or workspace by shopping now for this unique and captivating decor item

USD. 25.50
Free Standing Table Top African Wooden Carved Bird

It's a beautiful bird that you can place on your office table.

USD. 9.50

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